Admiral Radar | birds and tapes

Micronomicon 002 | 2005

Admiral Radar

  1. the birds fly introvertical
  2. servant garden minor
  3. birds ah like preludiums
  4. birds have dark thoughts too
  5. fly peasantly over that hill
  6. everyone is singing a new song
  7. newageunderwaterheartfailure
  8. birds sometimes dance
  9. knight birds battle
  10. knight birds love
  11. birds have dark thoughts two

birds and tapes: the birds on blåsen, the whales on hawaii, heart sounds, the radio signal at 11.59.30, professor mathiesen’s grand piano, from darkness to light with the melodies og memories, the tram, people in the backyard, the neighbour’s alarm clock, philicorda organ, yamaha pss-560, tandberg sølvsuper 10, sanyo walkman, the hawk, glockenspiel, space echo, fostex 4-track, panasonic minidisc, fish tambourine, junghans kitchen watch